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Pink Robin
Petroica rodinogaster
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Click to listen to sound sample Pink Robins are cool climate birds. The easiest place to see one is in Tasmania where they occur on the slopes of Mount Wellington near Hobart. On the mainland when breeding they are found mainly on the high parts of the ranges, right up to the snowline. There they range from the Otway Ranges to the Snowy Mountains where the present known northern limit is Mount Ginini west of Canberra.They have been known to breed on the creek at Thredbo right up in the snow fields. In winter, young birds in particular roam further afield to warmer and lower altitudes. Odd birds turn up in Canberra on occasions or even further afield, they even have reached the Mt Lofty Ranges in S.A.

Photo: 383009

383009 ... Pink Robin, adult male, St. Mary's, Tasmania.

Photo: 383202

383202 ... Pink Robin

Photo: 383203

383203 ... Pink Robin, female.

Photo: 383204-D

383204-D ... Pink Robin male, aggressive pose towards intruding male.

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