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Western Yellow Robin
Eopsaltria griseogularis
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Click to listen to sound samples Like the Eastern Yellow Robin, Western Yellow Robins inhabit forests and woodlands but also range into drier scrubland such as mallee further inland. They occur in far south-western Australia, as far north as Shark Bay and east to Israelite Bay - they are also found in South Australia on Eyre Peninsula where the principal habitat is mallee scrub.

In my experience, Western Yellow Robins are somewhat shyer than their eastern counterparts, or perhaps they are just harder to locate because their songs are not as loud as the penetrating piping call so well-known in the east. Eastern and Western Yellow Robins are very similar in many respects - some books still combine them as a single species. They are both sedentary, live in permanent territories and indulge in co-operative behaviour at the nest.

Photo: 394201

394201 ... Western Yellow Robin, Yardea South Australia.

Photo: 394202

394202 ... Western Yellow Robin

Photo: 394203

394203 ... Western Yellow Robin, Manmanning, W.A.

Photo: 394204

394204 ... Western Yellow Robin

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