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Black Butcherbird
Cracticus quoyi
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Click to listen to sound sample Black Butcherbirds are restricted to the coastal rainforests and mangroves of Cape York and far northern Northern Territory and NE Queensland as far south as Mackay. They also occur in New Guinea and some islands. Both sexes are jet black when adult and form pairs that live in permanent territories. They are the largest of the butcherbirds.

Normally they work their way quietly and singly through the forest, pouncing on almost anything that moves, but keep a low profile. They are also quick to discover a ready source of food and are known to frequent picnic tables in parks etc. Usually the first signs of their presence are their resonant, honking songs which, like other butcherbirds, are often given as a duet.

Photo: 701001

701001 ... Black Butcherbird.

Photo: 701202-D

701202-D ... Black Butcherbird, juvenile.

Photo: 701203-D

701203-D ... Black Butcherbird, juvenile

Photo: 701204-D

701204-D ... Black Butcherbird, juvenile

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