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Grey Butcherbird
Cracticus torquatus
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Click to listen to sound samples Grey Butcherbirds are widespread and common in southern Australia and Tasmania, extending as far north as Cooktown in the east, and to near Port Hedland in W.A. Around the outer suburbs of the major cities and most country towns, wherever there is suitable light tree cover, you'll find Grey Butcherbirds. They occupy permanent territories as pairs or less frequently a group of three or four if the young of the previous season have remained as helpers.

Not a good idea to attract them to your garden with food which they will readily accept, because they also will attack small birds. If you go too close to their nest, they may also attack you, so be aware. Their attacks can be quite ferocious.

They have a quite melodious song (listen on sound page) which is often sung by both birds as a duet. This song varies quite a lot from place to place.

Photo: 702003

702003 ... Grey Butcherbird

Photo: 702204

702204 ... Grey Butcherbird, adult.

Photo: 702205

702205 ... Grey Butcherbird, nest and eggs

Photo: 702206

702206 ... Grey Butcherbird, juvenile.

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