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Yellow-throated Scrubwren
Sericornis citreogularis
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Click to listen to sound sample Yellow-throated Scrubwrens occur in two widely separated populations in eastern Australia. The northern one inhabits highland rainforests between Cooktown and Paluma - the southern one from near Gympie in Queensland south to near Narooma in NSW. Southern birds do occur in mountain rainforest but also extend down to the coast.

Yellow-throated Scrubwrens spend much of their time hopping along the forest floor, each pair keeping within earshot and chattering constantly. On roads through the rainforest they often feed along the road and can be easily observed. Even their large hanging nests can be found easily as they are often suspended from a branch overhanging the road. Another favoured site for the nest which resembles a large piece of flotsam, is at the end of a branch overhanging a creek. Usually there are several old nests in close proximity in each territory - no doubt these old nests, which may hang in there for several years, act as excellent decoys against predators. Sometimes these nests are even taken over by a pair of Large-billed Scrubwrens instead of building their own nest and occasionally they are occupied by roosting bats. There are odd records of the scrub-wrens themselves using the old or new nests for roosting but they usually roost in a thick tangle of vines.

Yellow-throated Scrubwrens are superb mimics and in their long singing sessions, mimic many of the other birds of the rainforest. Both birds share in all the nesting duties including building, incubation and feeding the young.

Photo: 493201

493201 ... Yellow-throated Scrubwren at its hanging nest.

Photo: 493204

493204 ... Yellow-throated Scrubwren, female

Photo: 493205

493205 ... Yellow-throated Scrubwren female has a paler face than the male.

Photo: 493206

493206 ... Yellow-throated Scrubwren, male.

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