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Grey Shrike-thrush
Colluricincla harmonica
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Click to listen to sound sample All four species of shrike-thrush in Australia are amongst our sweetest songsters and the Grey is no exception. Grey Shrike-thrushes are the most widespread and, except for the most arid deserts and in deep rainforest, are found all over Australia and Tasmania as well as the offshore islands. There are three subspecies within Australia, basically eastern, northern and western. Birds from south-western Australia are the most distinctive of these because of their pale-rufous undertail coverts.(see pic 408215)

Photo: 408201

408201 ... Grey Shrike-thrush, immature.

Photo: 408202

408202 ... Grey Shrike-thrush, female.

Photo: 408203

408203 ... Grey Shrike-thrush, male. Note the whitish lores and brown mantle. Lamington National Park, Qld.

Photo: 408204-D

408204-D ... Another male from Fraser Island, Queensland. Males have a browner mantle than females.

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