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Arafura Shrike-thrush
Colluricincla megarhyncha
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Click to listen to sound samples The Little Shrike-thrush has long been regarded in Australia as a subspecies of the Rufous Shrike-thrush of eastern Australia, but recent research has suggested that it be regarded as a full species, so that is how it is named here.

Little Shrike-thrushes are found in the top end of the N.T. and in the north-west Kimberleys in rain forest, vine thickets and mangroves. Key field marks are the black bill and clear pale eyebrow. They are one of the most stunning songsters of all the shrike-thrushes. (listen on sound page).

Photo: 412201

412201 ... Little Shrike-thrush in bamboo, South Alligator River, N.T.

Photo: 412202

412202 ... Little Shrike-thrush, South Alligator River, N.T.

Photo: 412203

412203 ... Little Shrike-thrush, Adelaide River N.T.

Photo: 412208-D

412208-D ... Little Shrike-thrush, Adelaide River, N.T.

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