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Silver-backed Butcherbird
Cracticus argenteus
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Click to listen to sound samples Silver-backed Butcherbirds were for a long time regarded as a northern subspecies of the Grey Butcherbird. They occur in hilly areas of the top end of the N.T. and also in the north-west Kimberley region of W.A. Some authorities still regard them as a subspecies of the Grey.

They live mainly as pairs in permanent territories and their biology is probably similar to that of the Grey, but exact details are not known. A good spot to see them is Umbrawarra Gorge north-west of Pine Hill where a pair occupies the camping area.

Photo: 703001

703001 ... Silver-backed Butcherbird.

Photo: 703202

703202 ... Silver-backed Butcherbird

Photo: 703204-D

703204-D ... Silver-backed Butcherbird

Photo: 703205-D

703205-D ... Silver-backed Butcherbird

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