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Spotted Catbird
Ailuroedus melanotis
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Click to listen to sound sample Spotted Catbirds are intermediate forms between the Green Catbird from further south and the Black-eared Catbird of New Guinea. They occur in north Queensland in two slightly different-looking populations - a darker one from Iron Range and the McIlwraith Range on far north Cape York and a separate one between Helenvale and Paluma.

All these forms are often regarded as a single species, so their life histories would all be very similar. See under Green Catbird.

Photo: 677001

677001 ... Spotted Catbird

Photo: 677202-D

677202-D ... Spotted Catbird, Kuranda, Qld.

Photo: 677203-D

677203-D ... Spotted Catbird.

Photo: 677204-D

677204-D ... Spotted Catbird

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