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White-fronted Chat
Ephthianura albifrons
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White-fronted Chats inhabit the more well-watered temperate regions of southern Australia and also Tasmania - they range north to about Shark Bay in the west and occasionally reach the Macleay River in NSW. They favour low-growing shrubby country often in the vicinity of water - lakes, swamps and the like.

In years past they were recorded breeding is some places in loose colonies, each pair maintaining a small territory around the nest, but these days you'll be lucky to encounter more the the odd pair or two. Coastal development is partly to blame and large areas of suitable habitat are now thinly spread, but along with this has been an increase in predators, ravens being the main culprits. They have been recorded attacking 100% of nests in some areas.

Photo: 448002

448002 ... White-fronted Chat, adult male.

Photo: 448201

448201 ... White-fronted Chat, male

Photo: 448202

448202 ... White-fronted Chat, nest and eggs

Photo: 448204-D

448204-D ... White-fronted Chat, male

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