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Little Woodswallow
Artamus minor
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Little Woodswallows, as their name suggests are the smallest of Australia's five species of woodswallow. They have a rather patchy distribution - essentially birds of Australia's northern half, in most areas they appear to be resident whereas further south such as in northern NSW they are generally regarded as being migratory. In the north, Little Woodswallows are particularly fond of sandstone country and rocky gorges. There, the roosting clusters are often found in caves (see pic 548206) or in rock clefts instead of the hollow trees used further south.They sometimes even nest there as well.

Nesting birds usually occur as simple pairs although there have been a few observations of more than two birds attending a nest, a widespread habit throughout the family Cracticidae. Like other woodswallows, they are quite sociable, sitting together in long lines in close contact during early morning warmup sessions in the sun, and like the other two "dark" woodswallows they form close-knit clusters when roosting at night.

Photo: 548201

548201 ... Little Woodswallow, male. The male has more black on the face.

Photo: 548202

548202 ... Little Woodswallow, female at nest.

Photo: 548203

548203 ... Little Woodswallow, Juvenile.

Photo: 548204

548204 ... Little Woodswallow

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