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Masked Woodswallow
Artamus personatus
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Click to listen to sound sample Masked and White-browed Woodswallows mingle freely together for much of their lives, particularly in inland eastern Australia. In W.A., the White-brows are rarer and Masked predominate but in the eastern states, the closer you go to the coast you'll see more White-browed with only the odd Masked bird in the migrating flocks. Details of their life histories are very similar and summarised under White-browed Woodswallow. Whilst male Masked are quite distinctive looking, females are much duller looking and can easily be confused with Black-faced Woodswallows.

Apparent hybrid individuals which exhibit intermediate characters between Masked and White-browed are fairly well-known, not all that unexpected in such closely related birds, (See pic #544204D.) but actual instances of a mixed pair nesting have never been observed.

Photo: 544201

544201 ... Masked Woodswallow, male.

Photo: 544202-D

544202-D ... Masked Woodswallow, male.

Photo: 544203-D

544203-D ... Masked and White-browed Woodswallows drinking after eating lerps rich in sugar.

Photo: 544204-D

544204-D ... The upper bird is a hybrid male Masked/White-browed Woodswallow, male and female Masked below.

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