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Red-winged Fairy-wren
Malurus elegans
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Click to listen to sound sample In the higher rainfall far southwest corner of Western Australia, Red-winged Fairy-wrens are the only member of the chestnut-shouldered group of fairy-wrens to occur, replacing both the Variegated and Blue-breasted Fairy-wrens. Their northern limit is the valley of the Helena River just west of Perth, and on the south coast occur as far east as Two Peoples Bay just east of Albany. There is also an outlying population still persisting on Gingin Brook, NE of Perth. Red-winged Fairy-wrens were studied for many years down near Manjimup, so their life history is fairly well known.( Rowley,I., Russell,L., Brown,R. and Brown,M. The ecology and breeding biology of the Red-winged Fairy-wren Malurus elegans, EMU, 88: 161-176.)

Photo: 538002

538002 ... Red-winged Fairy-wren

Photo: 538201

538201 ... Red-winged Fairy-wren, male.

Photo: 538203

538203 ... Red-winged Fairy-wren, female.

Photo: 538205

538205 ... Red-winged Fairy-wren, male

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