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Red-breasted Babbler
Pomatostomus temporalis rubeculus
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Click to listen to sound samples Red-breasted Babblers are currently regarded as a subspecies of the Grey-crowned Babbler. They were once classed as a full species but subsequent research has revealed intermediate forms in the SE Gulf of Carpentaria region. There is a lot of variation in this species and this is discussed at length on pages 401 and 402 of "The Directory of Australian Birds" by Schodde and Mason. The range of Red-breasted Babblers extends from about Burketown right across northern Australia and down into the Pilbara and central Australia.

The birds in pics #444201,202 & 203 were from near Derby in W.A. and the group in pic #444205 I photographed near Marble Bar in the Pilbara.

These northern populations are still quite common and fairly secure, unlike their southern counterparts which have suffered greatly because of the changes to their habitats brought about by intensive agriculture and farming.

Photo: 444201

444201 ... Red-breasted Babbler.

Photo: 444202

444202 ... Red-breasted Babblers, the northern Australian subspecies of the Grey-crowned.

Photo: 444203

444203 ... Red-breasted Babbler

Photo: 444204

444204 ... Red-breasted Babbler

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