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Nymphicus hollandicus
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Click to listen to sound sample Known variously as Weero or Quarrion, Cockatiels are known better as a cage bird by many people than they are in the wild. Cockatiels occur more or less Australia wide in drier regions except for Cape York and some of the treeless and waterless deserts. They have certainly benefited from the spread of agriculture and quickly respond to easily accessible spilt grain in farming areas.

Like most of the cockatoos, Cockatiels pair for life. They are capable of breeding when less than a year old in captivity although in the wild this would probably take a little longer. In times of plenty, very large flocks (thousands) have been recorded but normally you will see them up to 100 or so in number.

Photo: 274001

274001 ... Cockatiel, adult male.

Photo: 274202

274202 ... Cockatiel, male

Photo: 274205-D

274205-D ... Cockatiel

Photo: 274207-D

274207-D ... Cockatiel

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