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Western Raven
Corvus coronoides perplexus
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Click to listen to sound sample I have introduced the common name Western Raven mainly to bring attention to this very distinctive subspecies (at present) of the Australian Raven which is the form occurring in the SW of Western Australia. A smaller bird with shorter throat hackles, the most noticeable difference is its voice which is quite different from Australian Ravens in eastern Australia. Most of the calls are of a much lower pitch and sound like a blend of Aust Raven/Little Raven all in one. Like Little Ravens, Western Ravens also nest much closer to the ground where the need arises. No doubt a closer look at their life history will eventually reveal other differences.

Photo: 790201

790201 ... Western Raven, adult, Yanchep, Western Australia.

Photo: 790235-D

790235-D ... Western Raven

Photo: 790236-D

790236-D ... Western Raven

Photo: 790237-D

790237-D ... Western Raven

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