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Eurasian Coot
Fulica atra
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Except for the waterless deserts, Coots occur on fresh or brackish water all over Australia, predominantly in the south - outside Australia, they have a very wide distribution through Europe, Asia, through to New Guinea and also to New Zealand. Unlike other rails, they spend most of their time out on the open water, swimming, feeding and even diving for food. They feed on land also, grazing on grass and herbs.

In coastal regions where the seasons are fairly stable, Coots are usually resident and the numbers don't fluctuate much, but inland where water levels are more variable (or even absent!) they can be almost nomadic and roam in search of food and areas to breed resulting in influxes of large numbers.

Coots have developed unusual-looking lobed toes which aid them in swimming.

Photo: 059001

059001 ... Eurasian Coot.

Photo: 059202-D

059202-D ... Eurasian Coot

Photo: 059203-D

059203-D ... Both parents look after their young for several weeks after fledging.

Photo: 059205-D

059205-D ... Eurasian Coot

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