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Little Corella
Cacatua sanguinea
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Click to listen to sound sample The enormous flocks of Little Corellas are a familiar sight in outback Australia - sometimes up to two or three thousand birds occur. At night, they can form huge roosts, usually in riverside vegetation and when these are permanent, results in stripping of the topmost canopy. Occasionally such roosts form near human habitation in which case the noise becomes hard to bear.

Little Corellas feed on the ground on the seeds of grasses and occasionally on saltbush or acacia seed. They pair for life and have a permanent nest site in a tree hollow, often in a River Red Gum.

Photo: 271001

271001 ... Little Corella

Photo: 271202

271202 ... Little Corellas - male on the right.

Photo: 271203

271203 ... Little Corella

Photo: 271204

271204 ... Little Corella

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