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Long-billed Corella
Cacatua tenuirostris
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Back in the 19th century Long-billed Corellas had a wider distribution over western Victoria, east to Melbourne and north into the Riverina of NSW almost to the Lachlan River and also in S.A. almost to Adelaide. With changes in land use and conflict with farmers this range gradually contracted until in the mid twentieth century they only survived in a small part of south-western Victoria and adjacent S.A. Now the wheel has turned and they are on the increase again. They now occur up and down the east coast in places they had never been seen before and supposedly these birds are the result of aviary escapees but this is not a proven fact.

Long-bills do a lot of digging and in some places, a lot of damage. They dig for bulbs, a favourite is Nutgrass, Cyperus rotundus a widespread weed.Their long bill has evolved to do just that but they do eat other food as well, predominantly cereal crops but a wide variety of weed seeds, annuals, beetles and moths.

Photo: 272201

272201 ... Long-billed Corella.

Photo: 272202

272202 ... Long-billed Corella

Photo: 272203

272203 ... Long-billed Corella

Photo: 272204

272204 ... Long-billed Corella

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