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Oreoscopus gutturalis
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Click to listen to sound samples Fernwrens inhabit the highland rainforests of far NE Queensland between Cooktown and the Paluma Range just north of Townsville. They spend most of their time on the forest floor, working their way through the damp litter, and spend a lot of time flicking leaves with the bill from side to side ( a bit like a Blackbird) also following behind bigger birds like Chowchillas and taking advantage of the fresh scratchings. They appear to live as pairs or small family groups in permanent territories because they can be found in roughly the same places year after year.

Fernwrens are fairly easy to find because their distinctive clear whistling calls carry very well through the rainforest. (listen on sound page)

Photo: 496202-D

496202-D ... Fernwren, male, Mt. Lewis Qld.

Photo: 496203-D

496203-D ... Fernwren, male

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