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Black-headed Honeyeater
Melithreptus affinis
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Click to listen to sound sample Black-headed Honeyeaters are found only in Tasmania and on islands in Bass Strait. They mainly inhabit both wet or dry sclerophyll eucalypt forests where they spend most of their time in the leaves of upper canopy. In this respect, they take the place of the White-naped Honeyeaters of the mainland.

Like most of the members of the genus Melithreptus, they are communal and live in family groups.

Photo: 584201-D

584201-D ... Black-headed Honeyeater, adult, Black River, Tasmania.

Photo: 584202-D

584202-D ... Black-headed Honeyeater

Photo: 584203-D

584203-D ... Black-headed Honeyeater

Photo: 584204-D

584204-D ... Black-headed Honeyeater

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