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Black-faced Cormorant
Phalacrocorax fuscescens
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The Black-faced Cormorant is a saltwater shag and occurs right across southern Australian shores from near Perth in W.A. to Montague Island in far S NSW. Also around Tasmania. They congregate to both roost and nest in large numbers, sometimes thousands, on rocky offshore islands and reefs.

In breeding plumage Black-faced Cormorants develop white nuptial plumes on the back of the neck (see Pic #098206D), rump and thighs. Both Black-faced and Pied Cormorants have "black trousers", a black patch on their flanks, but the Pied has a yellow face, not black.

Photo: 098001

098001 ... Black-faced Cormorant.

Photo: 098201-D

098201-D ... Black-faced Cormorant

Photo: 098202-D

098202-D ... Black-faced Cormorant

Photo: 098203-D

098203-D ... Black-faced Cormorant

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