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Clinking Currawong
Strepera versicolor arguta
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Click to listen to sound sample Clinking Currawongs are confined to Tasmania and are currently regarded as a subspecies of the widespread Grey Currawong. Years ago, they were regarded as a separate species and the reason I list them separately here is because of their very different calls. They are also different in colour - males are almost black and females dark grey a bit more like the Black-winged Currawong of the mainland mallee.

Photo: 699201-D

699201-D ... Clinking Currawong, adult, Mt. William, Tasmania.

Photo: 699202-D

699202-D ... Clinking Currawong

Photo: 699203-D

699203-D ... Clinking Currawong

Photo: 699204-D

699204-D ... Clinking Currawong

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