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Great Cormorant
Also known as: Black Cormorant
Phalacrocorax carbo
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Popularly known as "Black or Large Black Cormorant" the Great is the largest cormorant in Australia, indeed in the world. It occurs all over Australia and Tasmania except for the waterless deserts but elsewhere it occurs all over the world except South America and Antarctica. Mainly found on fresh water in inland rivers and lakes but also in coastal estuaries. More often than not in most places you'll see non-breeding or immature birds which are fairly plain black or dark brown all over, except for the yellow face, but in breeding plumage they develop a crest, white plumes on the neck and a white patch on the flanks ( see pic 096206D).

They breed in loose colonies on inland swamps and rivers - a stick nest in a tree or bush is usual but in dense swamps they may resort to the ground. They feed on fish, crustaceans and insects obtained mainly under water.

Photo: 096002

096002 ... Great Cormorant., non-breeding plumage.

Photo: 096201

096201 ... Great Cormorant, immatures.

Photo: 096202

096202 ... Great Cormorant

Photo: 096203

096203 ... Great Cormprant, non-breeding plumage.

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