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Little Black Cormorant
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris
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If you see a line of black birds flying somewhere in vee formation, chances are they'll be Little Black Cormorants. They occur all over Australia and Tasmania in suitable habitat - inland lakes and waterways, even right into the outback, they are quite common. They frequently gang together in a coordinated group to round up fish, as in the pictures below.

Breeding plumage (097207) is not very noticeable, just a few small white feathers on the crown and small plumes on side of neck.

Photo: 097201

097201 ... Little Black Cormorant

Photo: 097202

097202 ... Little Black Cormorant adult in breeding plumage. The eye is emerald green.

Photo: 097203

097203 ... Rounding up fish in Cooper Creek, Windorah, Qld.

Photo: 097204-D

097204-D ... Little Black Cormorant

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