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White-streaked Honeyeater
Trichodere cockerelli
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Click to listen to sound samples White-streaked Honeyeaters have an extremely limited distribution in Australia at the far north end of Cape York with a small outlier near Cooktown. Such a remote and relatively inaccessible location means that observations are few and little is known about their life history.

Recorded nests have all been in January at the onset of the wet season - at one place near the Jardine River there were ten nests found in an area of only 0.2 Ha. When breeding, they occupy territories in pairs but at other times of the year, they may congregate in flocks of 100 or so at rich sources of food such as flowering paperbarks.

Photo: 627201-D

627201-D ... White-streaked Honeyeater

Photo: 627202-D

627202-D ... White-streaked Honeyeaater

Photo: 627203-D

627203-D ... White-streaked Honeyeater

Photo: 627204-D

627204-D ... White-streaked Honeyeater

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