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Eclectus Parrot
Eclectus roratus
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Click to listen to sound sample Eclectus Parrots range widely from the Moluccas through to New Guinea and the Solomons - in Australia they have an extremely limited range in the dense rainforests between the Pascoe and Rocky Rivers on eastern Cape York Peninsula. When in the rainforest they mostly inhabit the upper canopy feeding on a range of fruits, nuts, seeds and flowers but where available they will descend to feed on maize or sorghum crops.

Eclectus Parrots have traditional nest holes that may be used for many years on end. This unfortunately makes them susceptible to the more unscrupulous elements of the aviary trade - they are popular aviary birds. Normally they breed in pairs but, unusual for a parrot, co-operative breeding has been reported where up to 7 or 8 extra birds have attended nests. Communal roosts have been seen - as many as 87 birds in one tree at Iron Range.

Photo: 275201-D

275201-D ... Eclectus Parrot

Photo: 275202-D

275202-D ... Eclectus Parrot, female at nest.

Photo: 275203-D

275203-D ... Eclectus Parrot, male

Photo: 275204-D

275204-D ... Eclectus Parrot, female at nest

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