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Pied Cormorant
Phalacrocorax varius
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Some people have trouble in telling Pied and Little Pied Cormorants apart. The yellow face patch of the Pied can be seen at close quarters but a field mark not always mentioned, and easy to see from a distance are the "black trousers" of the Pied - black patches on the thighs. See pics #099205 and #099210.

Although they do occur in fresh water on inland rivers and lakes, Pied Cormorants are essentially coastal in nature where larger numbers inhabit the bays and estuaries. Shark Bay in Western Australia is a good example, the large raft of feeding birds in pic #099003 was taken there. The pictures of the huge breeding colony on nearby Dirk Hartog Island at Quoin Bluff were taken in Aug 1974. That colony is no longer there and the reasons for its demise aren't clear.

Photo: 099002

099002 ... Part of Pied Cormorant nesting colony, Quoin Bluff, Dirk Hartog Island, W.A. Aug 1974.

Photo: 099003

099003 ... Feeding raft of Pied Cormorants in Shark Bay, W.A. Aug 1974.

Photo: 099004

099004 ... Pied Cormorant at nest, Dirk Hartog Island, Aug. 1974.

Photo: 099005

099005 ... Pied Cormorant

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