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Paperbark Flycatcher
Myiagra nana
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Click to listen to sound samples The Paperbark Flycatcher is the smaller northern representative of the Restless Flycatcher. It was previously classed as a subspecies - for a full account of the differences between the two, refer to page 518 of The Directory of Australian Birds by Schodde & Mason. Paperbark Flycatchers occur right through northern Australia from the lower reaches of the gulf rivers in Queensland across to the Kimberleys. They are mostly found in woodlands (usually paperbark) fringing streams and swamps. They closely resemble the Restless Flycatcher both in looks and habits. Male Paperbark Flycatchers are shinier blue-black on the back and both sexes have much longer rictal bristles than Restless Flycatchers.

Photo: 722201

722201 ... Paperbark Flycatcher, Drysdale River, W.A.

Photo: 722202

722202 ... Paperbark Flycatcher,

Photo: 722203-D

722203-D ... Paperbark Flycatcher

Photo: 722209-D

722209-D ... Paperbark Flycatcher

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