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Striated Thornbill
Acanthiza lineata
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Click to listen to sound samples Striated Thornbills are one of the most studied of all the thornbills - the entry in HANZAB alone occupies 17 pages. Striated Thornbills are similar in size and shape to the Brown Thornbill , only with a proportionately shorter tail. They range from near Gladstone in Qld through the forests of the south-east and south around to near Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.

Striated Thornbills are canopy feeders, in eucalypts mainly, descending sometimes into the shrub layer but rarely, if ever, to the ground, except to drink or bathe. Fairly noisy little birds, they live in family groups or small flocks and their high-pitched Tizz-Tizz contact calls are a constant reminder of their presence in the forest - even if you can't see them high up in the canopy, you can hear them although these days I don't hear them all that well!

Photo: 470201-D

470201-D ... Striated Thornbill - grey eyes,streaked crown, cheeks and throat.

Photo: 470202-D

470202-D ... Striated Thornbill.

Photo: 470203-D

470203-D ... Striated Thornbill

Photo: 470204-D

470204-D ... Striated Thornbill

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