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Baillon's Crake
Porzana pusilla
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Once known as Marsh Crake or Little Crake (pusilla = little), Baillons Crake is certainly Australia's smallest crake, but not noticeably. They are certainly the quietest crake in Australia so unless you see one, you are unlikely to hear one. Baillons Crakes feed mostly along the muddy edges and amongst the reed beds but their light weight allows them to wander out onto floating vegetation in deep water, but if they are caught by surprise out there, they may sink quietly under water, leaving just a nostril showing.

Photo: 050001

050001 ... Nest of Baillons Crake with four eggs.

Photo: 050002

050002 ... Baillons Crake nest hatching.

Photo: 050201

050201 ... Baillon's Crake.

Photo: 050202

050202 ... Baillon's Crake

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