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Spotted Scrubwren
Sericornis maculatus
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Click to listen to sound samples Spotted Scrubwrens are the western equivalent of the widespread White-browed Scrubwren of eastern Australia. They occur as four different subspecies from just N of Adelaide, Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island across to Western Australia and up as far as Shark Bay. Throughout this range, dense coastal heathy country is their optimum habitat. Their habits and life histories would be much the same as those of the White-browed Scrubwren.

Adult Spotted Scrubwrens have grey or blue eyes which give them a different look to White-browed Scrubwrens in which the eyes are yellow.

Photo: 491201-D

491201-D ... Spotted Scrubwren, female, Kangaroo Island S.A.

Photo: 491202-D

491202-D ... Spotted Scrubwren, male, Kangaroo Island S.A.

Photo: 491203-D

491203-D ... Spotted Scrubwren, male, Kangaroo Island, S.A.

Photo: 491204-D

491204-D ... A younger male. Port Lincoln S.A.

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