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White-rumped Sandpiper
Calidris fuscicollis
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White-rumped Sandpipers are very rarely recorded in Australia. They can easily be overlooked in a mixed feeding flock of waders, especially Red-necked Stints because they are much the same shape, perhaps a little darker but only about 10% larger - they feed in much the same fashion by rapid probing of the bill, often in water only a few cm deep. In flight the white rump contrasts well with a black tail band.

Photo: 849201-D

849201-D ... White-rumped Sandpiper in winter plumage, Lake Wollumboola NSW, 15 Jan 2015.

Photo: 849202-D

849202-D ... White-rumped Sandpiper

Photo: 849203-D

849203-D ... White-rumped Sandpiper

Photo: 849205-D

849205-D ... White-rumped Sandpiper

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