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Western Whiteface
Aphelocephala leucopsis castaneiventris
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I am listing this very distinctive subspecies (it was a full species in the 1926 Checklist) to draw attention to it. Not only do Western Whitefaces look different to eastern Australian birds, the songs are quite different but unfortunately I have so far failed to record the western ones.

There is a very narrow band of intermediates between western and eastern birds in the region of the western Nullarbor Plain. This is shown clearly in a figure and discussed in detail on pages 92-93 in the excellent Handbook of Western Australian Birds, Vol.II.

Photo: 467203-D

467203-D ... Western Whiteface, adult male, Murchison, W.A.

Photo: 467204-D

467204-D ... Western Whiteface, adult male, Murchison W.A.

Photo: 467205-D

467205-D ... Western Whiteface, adult male, Murchison W.A.

Photo: 467207-D

467207-D ... Adult female nesting in an old pipe - suitable nest hollows in mulga country are hard to find.

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