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Superb Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus superbus
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Click to listen to sound samples The Superb Fruit-dove is mainly found in coastal rainforests of eastern Australia from Cape York south to north-eastern NSW.There are odd records as far south as Sydney and vagrants occasionally reach Victoria. Outside Australia they are widespread from Sulawesi through to New Guinea and the Solomons.

Superb-fruit-doves were once known as Purple-crowned Pigeons - the males are amongst the most beautiful of all the fruit-doves. Not easy to observe or photograph much of their time is spent up in the foliage of high rainforest trees.

Photo: 023201-D

023201-D ... Superb Fruit-dove, male

Photo: 023203-D

023203-D ... Superb Fruit-doves are very agile and crawl through the foliage at all sorts of angles to reach hheir food.

Photo: 023204-D

023204-D ... Superb Fruit-dove, adult male.

Photo: 023207-D

023207-D ... Superb Fruit-doves eat all their fruit whole - this was a struggle!

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