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Eastern Curlew
Numenius madagascariensis
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The largest of our migratory waders, Eastern Curlews can occur anywhere around the Australian coastline in suitable habitat - estuarine mudflats and sandy beaches mainly but there is the odd inland record, presumably a bird on migration. Eastern Curlews arrive from Siberia in August, spend the austral spring and summer here and depart again in March - odd birds overwinter here, probably immatures. In recent years, along with many other waders, numbers have been dwindling and on the east coast to see more than twenty or so in one place would be a rare event.

Photo: 149201-D

149201-D ... Eastern Curlew.

Photo: 149204

149204 ... Eastern Curlew.

Photo: 149205

149205 ... Eastern Curlew

Photo: 149206-D

149206-D ... Eastern Curlew

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