Graeme Chapman - natural history photographer - ornithologist

Bird calls / bird song
Satin Flycatcher

Samples 100-010 and 108-330 were both recorded in the ranges west of Canberra - two different birds. What I regard as song are the 5 element phrases tweeyou-tweeyou-tweeyou-tweeyou-tweeyou in sample 100-010. Without hearing a range of different individuals it would be unwise to generalise, but it does seem as though Satin Flycatchers have a faster and higher pitched song than Leadens. Certainly there is a great range and variation in Leaden Flycatchers, maybe because I've heard more of them! They are much more widespread than Satin Flycatchers.

366 Satin Flycatcher 100-010
366 Satin Flycatcher 108-330

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