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Bird calls / bird song
Shining Flycatcher

Shining Flycatchers have a quite varied repertoire. The song is a rapidly repeated piping which can have a lot of variations - faster or slower and each note can vary in length, but not much in pitch. There is also a whole range of quite harsh calls and the examples here are just a small selection. Sample 132-220 is a song from the male at the Coochin Creek boat ramp. Sample 091-350 is a selection of three songs from a bird at Cape York, literally right near the tip. Sample 132-185 are harsh calls from the male at Coochin Creek. Sample 006-250 is another selection from a male near the South Alligator River in the N.T. Sample 158-470 is a lovely song from a male at Jourama N.P just south of Ingham Qld, another great place to see this species. Look along the creek on the right of the road as you approach the entrance.

372 Shining Flycatcher 132-220
372 Shining Flycatcher 091-350
372 Shining Flycatcher 132-185
372 Shining Flycatcher 006-250
372 Shining Flycatcher 158-470

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