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Bird calls / bird song
Eyrean Grasswren

Eyrean Grasswrens have short, sweet songs that carry quite well in the desert - males sing from a low vantage point such as a small shrub or clump of grass (pic 515219). They tend to vary successive phrases in the songs rather than repeat the same tune over and over, if you listen carefully. Samples 065-050 and 065-070 are songs from the same bird I recorded in S.A. close to where the road from Cameron Corner joins the road to Moomba. Sample 062-315 is another example of song recorded along the Birdsville Track near Lake Yandiya. Sample 062-340 are simple contact calls from the same bird as he was foraging.

515 Eyrean Grasswren 065-050
515 Eyrean Grasswren 065-070
515 Eyrean Grasswren song 062-315
515 Eyrean Grasswren 062-340

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