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Bird calls / bird song
Western Bristlebird

To me the songs of Western Bristlebirds sound rather more wistful than those of Eastern Bristlebirds - this might be because of where they live, dense, dwarf heaths and wide open spaces. These four samples are all of song (territorial advertisement). In sample 059-200 both male and female are singing, mostly as an antiphonal duet with the female adding a final phrase to the male's song. Antiphonal duets occur in all three species of bristlebird. In sample 041-100 only the male is singing, two variations. In sample 041-200 another male with three variations and likewise for sample 041-300.

520 Western Bristlebird 059-200
520 Western Bristlebird 041-100
520 Western Bristlebird 041-200
520 Western Bristlebird 041-300

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