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Bird calls / bird song
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo

The main territorial advertisement call given by Shining Bronze-Cuckoos has been termed the "whistling a dog" call - a series of repeated upslurred notes, sometimes finishing with a downslurred note. Samples 031-100 and 042-135 are two different examples of the "whistling a dog" call, the first from Western Australia and the second from Round Hill, NSW. I haven't yet recorded one ending with a downslurred note. Sample 003-500 is of an altercation amongst three Shining Bronze-Cuckoos I witnessed many years ago near Jerramungup in W.A. The frequent downslurred note in this sample is the one that most approaches the advertising call of an Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo, but if you compare the two, the call of the Shining has an urgency about it. It is also lower in pitch, Shining Bronze-Cuckoos only give it when in a heightened state.

344 Shining Bronze-Cuckoo 031-100
344 Shining Bronze-Cuckoo 042-135
344 Shining Bronze-Cuckoo 003-500

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