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Spotted Pardalote

The song of the Spotted Pardalote is a tinkling three or four note call seemingly repeated ad infinitum. It is such a common background sound in our eucalypt forests that it almost goes unnoticed. The structure varies markedly around the country. In Sydney where I grew up, the phrase "sleep-baby" is used to represent the song but up in Queensland they sound quite different. Sample 151-020 is a bird from the Macpherson Range on the NSW/Qld border. In this case the phrase "kon tiki" comes into mind suggesting a three note call, but in fact there are four notes. The first one is quite soft but easily discernible on a sound graph. Sample LS100597 comes from the mallee in western NSW at Shepherd's Hill, west of Euabalong. It is remarkably like the previous call from the Macpherson Range, again a four note phrase and quite distinct from the calls of the Yellow-rumped Pardalote which occurs in nearby mallee only a kilometre away.

565 Spotted Pardalote 151-020
565 Spotted Pardalote LS 100597

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