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Striated Pardalote

Striated Pardalotes occur virtually all over Australia and the differences in their calls from place to place are considerable. There is far more variation than I could ever hope to record, let alone present here in five brief samples. Not only do they vary regionally, each individual has a varied repertoire, so in comparing the differences, one has to compare what we consider to be equivalent calls - for most people, about as easy as understanding a foreign language! Sample LS 100012 is from Arcadia Valley, north of Roma in Queensland, a fairly distinctive variation. Sample 127-360 is of a nesting pair in the Gawler Ranges of S.A. Sample 157-055 I recorded at Auburn River National Park near Mundubbera in Queensland. Sample LS100091 from Beerwah just north of Brisbane is a Black-headed male (subsp. melanocephalus) near a nest, followed by a series of "rattle" calls which seem to be contact between the nesting pair. Sample LS100103 is from Bruny Island in Tasmania. This is the subspecies "striatus" (the old Yellow-tipped form) a very different sound indeed! although I do vaguely remember having heard similar calls from somewhere on the mainland.

568 Striated Pardalote LS100012
568 Striated Pardalote 127-360
568 Striated Pardalote 157-055
568 Striated Pardalote LS100091 Beerwah
568 Striated Pardalote LS100103

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