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Bird calls / bird song
Sandstone Shrike-thrush

Sandstone Shrike-thrushes are a superb songsters, probably the best of the Shrike-thrushes. Not only do they have a varied repertoire, their songs seem to be louder and clearer thanks to the reflective surfaces of the rocky environments where they live. A sandstone cave can act like a sound shell - very effective indeed! The samples here are from two different birds I recorded near Mount Barnett in the Kimberleys. Sample 050-020 is the simple single note contact call. The more familiar Grey Shrike-thrush has a fairly similar single note call. Sample 050-050 is part of a singing session of one bird - a second part of the same session is on sample 050-100. Because I keep the intervals between calls the same as the original (very important) it takes up a lot of space. Sample 051-100 is from another bird. It begins with contact calls (including some rapidly repeated ones which I don't know the context) and then song. Sample 151-200 is the same bird, more of his song.

411 Sandstone Shrike-thrush 050-020
411 Sandstone Shrike-thrush 050-050
411 Sandstone Shrike-thrush 050-100
411 Sandstone Shrike-thrush 051-100
411 Sandstone Shrike-thrush 151-200

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