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Little Wattlebird

Whilst the harsh tones are easily recognisable, there is a great deal of variation in the principal songs of Little Wattlebirds up and down the east coast of Australia. This development of regional dialects has probably occurred because Little Wattlebirds are relatively sedentary, and within their almost continuous range, from Tasmania to southern Queensland, there may well be several different populations. LS 100077 from Beerwah in SE Queensland is a typical song for that area. LS100396 is another song, this time from Basin View near Jervis Bay in NSW - the first two phrases in this song are preceded by the bill clatter, normally used in an aggressive attack. Little Wattlebirds have a varied repertoire, so it isn't easy to present equivalent songs from different areas but there are recognisable elements from each area. For instance, birds from Basin View and much of eastern NSW include a phrase or two in their song that sounds a bit like "be careful - be careful"! quite clear in LS100396. Sample LS100018 is from Tura Beach in southern NSW, different again. The bill clatter that precedes some song phrases is even more pronounced but whether this is just a cranky individual or typical for the area I can't say.

637 Little Wattlebird LS100077 Beerwah
637 Little Wattlebird BV LS100396
637 Little Wattlebird LS100018 Tura.mp3

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