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Bird calls / bird song
Chirruping Wedgebill

The song of the Chirruping Wedgebill is different enough from that of the Chiming Wedgebill to make a positive identification. Like all members of the the genus, males and females sing together in a duet, in this case, the female adds an occasional phrase while the male is singing, and sometimes she sings alone. I've never been aware of the female singing in similar fashion to the male. Notice the difference between the songs of males from Lake Bindegolly in Queensland and near William Creek in South Australia. Considering that both species of Wedgebill are supposed to occur near Oodnadatta, it would be interesting to hear recordings made in that area (preferably several).

Chirruping Wedgebill, male, L. Bindegolly, Qld.
Chirruping Wedgebill, duet, L.Bindegolly,Qld.
Chirruping Wedgebill, female, L. Bindegolly, Qld.
Chirruping Wedgebill, 2nd duet, L. Bindegolly.
Chirruping Wedgebill, male, William Ck. S.A.

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