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Bird calls / bird song
Olive Whistler

Olive Whistlers have quite a wide repertoire. Individual males can sit and sing for long periods, during which time they vary the song a lot. There is also some variation from bird to bird in the one area and in addition, between birds in different areas. The song of Olive Whistlers from Tasmania is quite different from those inhabiting the mountains west of Canberra and different again at the other end of their range in the McPherson Range in southern Queensland. In sample LS-0071 recorded near Arthur River in western Tasmania I have presented three variations of a singing male. In the original tape, he repeated each one of these variations up to about 20 times, seemingly ad nauseam. Sample 151-240 is from across Bass Strait at Wye River in southern Victoria, again three variations from a song session. Sample 013-080 is a typical territorial song from Mt. Ginini west of Canberra. Finally, from the McPherson Range on the NSW/Qld border samples 005-100 and 005-400 give an idea of some of the calls from that area.

405 Olive Whistler LS-0071
405 Olive Whistler 151-240
405 Olive Whistler 013-080
405 Olive Whistler 005-100
405 Olive Whistler 005-400

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