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Bird calls / bird song
Red-lored Whistler

Red-lored Whistlers give two calls that can easily be mistaken for those of a Gilbert's Whistler. The first of these, 402-01, is the loudest and probably used as a territorial advertisement call (or song) because it can be heard from three or four hundred metres away. This sample is from Round Hill, NSW. (compare with Gilbert's Whistler 403-01) The rapidly repeated " foit.. foit.. foit.." phrases at the beginning and the end of sample 402-04 also resemble certain calls of Gilbert's Whistler (listen to 403-). Samples 402-02, -03 and -04 are all from Round Hill and present a range of calls which are much softer and audible only at close quarters (say less than 50 metres).In what context they were given I don't know.They are all fairly diagnostic ( i.e. there is no similar Gilbert's Whistler call). Sample 402-05 was recorded along the "Bore Track" in north-western Victoria. It is a sequence from a bird quietly singing, almost whisper song, and it includes some superb examples of a bird singing a chord (different notes from each side of the syrinx). These calls are distinctively different from any I have heard given by birds in central western NSW and suggest the populations may have been separated for quite a long time. Those simple, organ like notes, heard late on a still, sunny afternoon out in that remote (for Victoria) wilderness still evoke a very clear memory for me. Shut your eyes, listen and imagine!

402-01 Red-lored Whistler 042-420
402-02 Red-lored Whistler 042-450
402-03 Red-lored Whistler 043-280
402-04 Red-lored Whistler 033-280
402-05 Red-lored Whistler 138-200

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