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Bird calls / bird song
Banded Whiteface

These three samples are part of a long sequence of what might be termed evensong - it was almost dark and out in open country with scattered shrubs near Andado Station along the N.T./S.A. border. Banded Whitefaces sat up on their shrubs and proclaimed their territories in the half light, safe from any predator, even after the speeding little Hobbies had gone to roost. Behind the main songster you can hear the odd neighbour at a distance, probably 200 m away and also the White-winged Fairy-wrens who sing likewise in the safety of darkness. About half way through sample 061-235 there appears (to me) to be a downslurred syllable of a Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo added to the beginning of one of the phrases. There might even be other less obvious mimicry as well.

469 Banded Whiteface 061-180
469 Banded Whiteface 061-220
469 Banded Whiteface 061-235

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