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Bird calls / bird song
Night Parrot

The recent release of a range of calls made by Night Parrots has allowed me to construct a call based on these sounds and an old description of the call the birds made when arriving at water - "a sweet low mournful drawn -out whistle"' together with calls I heard at night back in 1982 which I thought were likely to be Night Parrots. This is simply my idea of what they might sound like. I may be completely wrong. On the other hand, It has been said that one of the calls of the Night Parrot sounds a bit like a Pied Honeyeyeater. On that basis, the "arriving at water" call may sound like 312 Night Parrot/Pied 1. You never know !! Following recent research at Pullen Pullen it has been suggested that one of the recorded calls can be likened to those of a Bell Miner.

312C Night Parrot
312 Night Parrot/Pied 1

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